Last Date for registration and submission has been extended to11 Aug 2017 23:59:59 for all the events except Mind Marathon.
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  • DAV Sreshtha Vihar's annual IT symposium aims to provide students a competitive platform to test out their IT skills that they've been honing over the years. The competition only gets tougher as Techesta reaches its 17th year.


    Effusion Techesta

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    Society has accelerated at a great speed in the 21st century. It is expected that the education system keeps up and moves ahead to cope up with the demands of the times with respect to preparing the students. The skills and competencies required and acquired by students include a robust core academic content, higher order thinking skills. They also learn to present, collaborate and share the knowledge and skill that they have acquired.

    Keeping this great responsibility in mind, DAV Public School is organizing this year's annual fest EFFUSION TECHESTA. The bouquet of competitions is in the 17th year with each year the number of participants increasing significantly. This is a great platform for students to explore their boundaries and expand their horizons. Keeping the need for inculcating 21st century skills, the competitions aim to demonstrate their talent in creativity and imagination, Collaboration and teamwork Critical thinking and Problem solving.

    There are competitions to check out the language, artistic and IT skills of the students. Each competition has a well thought out theme to bring out the talents and competencies of the students. They represent inspiring ways of securing exposure to real world issues. Of the 23 competitions 17 will have online submissions. This would give the participants the liberty, freedom and time to give their best without the pressure of facing fellow competitors. This also is in keeping the interest of the tech savvy students who prefer being online. So my dear students! Welcome to be a part of the excitement of the competitions. Choose your forte and compete with the best. My best wishes to all of you to come out with flying colours.

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